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Sample, Taste, and Savor Some New Technologies



A workshop for Maricopa Community College library staff

January 13, 2005 at Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Tom Foster (Chandler-Gilbert Community College) and Alan Levine (MCLI)


Flickr photo by flickr user "roboppy", licensed under Creative Commons. Learn more about finding and reusing images in TryFreestuff.


There are so many technologies "out there" and no one can truly keep up with them all. This workshop is intended to introduce a few broad areas of technology, give you some examples to explore, and some more resources for following up. It is a lot to taste so keep the line moving!




One of the new technologies is this very web site-- this is a "wiki", a kind of website set up where other people can add/edit/create new content (see TryWikis more more). You will learn HowTo use this wiki so you can post your own discoveries along the way.



  • Become familiar with the purposes and uses of new web based technologies
  • Explore and analyze examples of how this technologies might be used for learning
  • Know where to go for more information about these new technologies



This is more or less a road map, but once we get on the web, you will be taking many different paths:


  • Introduction and Overview
    • SurveySays :: A quick survey where we can poll and in almost realtime, display your responses. This will help us determine which areas to focus on the most
    • Introduction to the items on the Buffet
    • HowTo :: Some quick instructions on how to create your own wiki page to record your notes


  • Break
    • Sample the Buffet Round 1 :: (20 minutes of exploration) and Discussion
    • Buffet Round 2 :: (20 minutes of exploration) and Discussion
    • SurveySays :: Another quick survey where you can reflect and give feedback on the workshop and request more information.


  • Wrap-up What's Next?


  • Take a look at some of the great examples of ePortfolios and think about how you can use ePort-type applications in work or play. Log in your ideas in the wiki.


The Buffet

These are the technology areas we have set up for you to sample. If you are sharing a computer, you and your partner should select one area to explore for about 20 minutes, and record your notes See HowTo for instructions on editing your own wikipages.


    • TryBlogs: Blogging - online web publishing, journaling...
    • TryWikis: Wikis / Collaborative Writing Spaces - wikis are web sites that are quick and easy to edit, and some ar eopen to anyone to edit (sounds weird?). There are also several new Shared writing web tools that allow written collaboration from anywhere.
    • TryEports: Electronic Portfolios are systems that allow individuals to document examples of their work or skills and/or provide tools for reflection on learning
    • TryPhotosharing: Online sharing and publishing of digital photos
    • TryFreestuff: Organizations like Creative Commons and other initiatives are making it easy to find and re-use media without the grey zone of copyright infringement
    • TryGooglemaps: Google maps are more than a cool way to explore places; developers are connecting them to other data sets for some interesting and useful "mashups".



We actually brainstormed another 4 or 5 meals for the buffet, but had to leave them off the table in the interest of time. So while you will not see the materials for Podcasting, RSS, or Social Bookmarks, feel free to ask us and we will try and wing something for you! Until then, see:





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