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How to Quickly Wiki with PBWiki

This overview is meant to give you enough information on how to set up your own wiki page in this site to take notes and publish them on the site.


Logging In To Edit

The PBwiki site that hosts this allowed us to create a web site that anyone in the internet can view, but to have access to the editing tools, you must provide a password. From any of the wiki pages you can click the Log In To Edit button. You can then enter your name (this is how page changes will be credited, you can simply use your first name and last initial), an e-mail if you want to be notified when the site is changed, and the special password (this will be provided at the workshop).


Once logged in, the Edit This Page button is enabled on the site.


Creating a Wiki Page

A wiki page or URl can be created in several ways, but they are always named by pushing together two capitalized words (look at the URL for this page-- it ends in HowTo), what is called a Wiki Word. If you use a wiki word on any page, it automatically becomes a link to that URL, as shown in the next paragraph.


For this workshop, you want to create a wiki page for yourself and/or for you and the person you are sharing the computer with. For example, AlanLevine is a wiki word, that leads to Alan's sample page. Or if Tom and I were working together, we might do TomAlan. A wiki word that appears in red and underlined is a page that does not yet exist.


The easist way to create a new page is to go to the address field of your browser, delete everything after learntech.pbwiki.com/, then type in your new wiki word, and press ENTER. So if Billy Bob were creating his page, he type:



After going to this new URL, he will see an editing screen where he can begin writing. Hopefully, he has something interesting to say.


Entering Content

Everything you type in the editing field becomes part of your wiki page content. There is a WikiStyle link on the editing screen that will list a brief summary of the various wii tags for formatting, but for now, we suggest just keep it simple and type in the box.


A blank line creates a paragraph break. Putting a ! or !! or !!! in front of a line will create a heading. Any URL typed in will automatically become a hyperlink. See how old Billy Bob started his page:



We are asking you and/or your partner just to jot your notes and ideas down in this wiki as you explore the sites we have provided for you.


To publish your page, just click the Update button.


Listing Your Page on the Sidebar

Another nice feature of PBWiki is the ability to put comment content on the sidebar that appears in the top right corner of every wiki page. We have created a navigation series of links for this workshop, but at the bottom, we have left a place to list links to all the participant pages created in this workshop.


Once your page is created, you can navigate to the sidebar content page by clicking the SideBar heading. This will display the content in its own page, and you can modify this content by clicking the Edit This Page button. Just scroll to the bottom, and following the item under Participant Pages, simple put your new page's Wiki Word on its oown line:



Then just click Update and a link to your page is now on every wiki page! How easy can it get?

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