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Save the Arctic Penguin (touristus imbecilus)


While floating in a Zodiac in Arctic Canada, we were learning about the thick-billed murre. This is a black and white bird that looks very similar to a penguin except that it can fly. (remember, penguins do not naturally occur north of the equator.) There were thousands of them on the cliffs and around us in the water.


One woman (not the sharpest pencil in the box) asked the guide if these birds were penguins. He said no, they were thick-billed murres and penguins were only south of the equator. A couple of moments later, she asked again if these were penguins. No, we all told her, they're thick-billed murres. She waited another couple of moments and asked again if these were penguins. No, we all practically shouted at her. She asked two more times again.


Finally the guide, who was frustrated with her, finally said, "Why yes, this is the Artic Penguin." The woman, said "Ohhhhhh. What's their natural predator?"


The guide said, "Why, the Arctic Shark."




Beware of touristus imbecilus. Oh, and save the Arctic Penguin!


P.S. - This is a true story!


P.P.S. - No Arctic Penguins were hurt during this story.

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