"Smallest Possible Learning Online Tool" or ??

A series of small single purpose tools developed by Alan Levine during a fellowship at Thomson Rivers University.

SPLOT comes from the conviction that there is great value in learners and educators sharing their work on the open web. All too often, doing so gets derailed by two problems. First, open web tools are perceived by users as difficult to use, and by organizations as complicated to support. This is why most organizations direct or even restrict activity into a consolidated Learning Management System (LMS). Second, online identity and privacy concerns (and laws) scare people off. Not every learner is ready to share their work with the world on a medium that “never forgets”. We know that most free online communication tools capture and exploit the data of their users.


The SPLOT tools are built in the WordPress platform as themes with customizable options. To make it even easier for participants in this workshop, we have added them as pre-built installs on the StateU site, with the themes, plugins, and initial settings to get you started putting them to your own use.


SPLOTs to Explore

Choose one to try in the workshop, and one to try later? Each one includes linked examples of how they have been used in different educational contexts as well as instructions how to add them to your StateU site.

SPLOT Image Pool

Build place for a class to easily build and organize a collection of images, without logins. It includes features to require source and attribution as well as submission via email.

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SPLOT Writer

Create a site for submission of media enable, rich media writing, for essays, creative writing, a journal, or other places to share written work.

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Powerpoint meets a Wordpress SPLOT and gets crushed.

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