Mightiest GIF in the West (or your class)

Beyond reactions and feverish sharing in social media, how can we make effective use of a low bandwidth form of repeated animation?

Animation of The Flight by Frederic Remington

What the GIF?

Animated GIFs, do we need to need to explain what they are?


Does it really matter how we pronounce it?


We suggested that repeated, looping short videos can be usefule for:

  • Showing the steps in process.
  • Studying the motion or dynamics of something not observable with the human eye.
  • Speeding up a long process to see it's crucial steps.
  • Emphasizing a key moment in a video.

Animated GIFs can be considered one example of "short form video"; see a collection of examples for more possible ideas on how these might be used.

Need some more inspiration?

Enough Talk, Let's GIF

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Short Form Video Challenges

Some examples and apps for creating looping and short video (from the UDG Agora Project)

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Image Credits

GIF animation made from The Flight by Frederick Remington public domain image from Wikimedia Commons
GIF animation from One Upon a Time on the West found on giphy.com