Banks and Blanks

Make your own versions of popular DS106 sites

Ripped Right out of DS106

We give you here generalizable versions of tools built specifically for the open digital storytelling course DS106. They have been rebuilt as Wordpress Themes, each with option screens that let you customize it to your needs without touching any scary code.

These are openly available , but as set up here on StateU, you get them with all of the plugins and initial options set that you can move right into making them working for your own context.

Two to Explore

Choose one of these to try in the workshop, and one to try later? Each one includes linked examples of how they have been used in different educational contexts as well as instructions how to add them to your StateU site.

The Daily Blank

Automatically publish a small challenge every day where responses are submitted via twitter, based on the DS106 Daily create.

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The DS106 Open Assignment Bank

Build a collection of assignments or challenges where responses are submitted and attached as examples and users can rate items as well as submit their own. Based on the DS106 Assignment Bank.

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