What is Web 2.0 storytelling?

We have described it in our article as "the telling of stories using Web 2.0 tools, technologies, and strategies... For our present discussion, we will identify two essential features that are useful in distinguishing Web 2.0 projects and platforms from the rest of the web: microcontent and social media."

Some resources from Bryan and Alan...

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This is how I would describe Web 2.0 Storytelling....

Beast was first prototype of web-based storytelling Lynette Web "I’ve been thinking about the “web as platform” trend recently. A lot of the focus so far has been about online storage or web based applications/desktops (eg: google docs, nivio, etc etc). But there’s another aspect which is the web as a storytelling platform. I think this quote is fascinating and gut feel I agree - The Beast (and other alternate reality games of its ilk) are prototypes for the future of web-based storytelling." [AL]

I'm having trouble trying where to draw a line between digital storytelling and what you describe (Peter)

Ira Glass (This American Life) describes building blocks of a great story:

Man on the Street (Women too, eh) respond to "What is Digital Storytelling?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F21uCz7qOI

Aunty Social is absorbing all of these cheery rah rah over what I see as shallow content dressed up in sugar coating and glitter. "Web based storytelling" is a fabrication; storytelling is storytelling, and I have been telling interactive, branching stories over campfires for longer than most of you have been consuming oxygen. Go back and re-read Freire. Go ridicule Behaviorism, but it works, noth this fancy pants phony theoretical contstructs like all that buttering up on "Connectivism" But go on, make fun of Aunty, as these spaces are always more populated by the synchronized robotic singing of the Greek Chorus. - auntysocial auntysocial Nov 13, 2008

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Firstly, thanks for such a comprehensive list of resources and ideas. I'm missing some reference to transmedia storytelling, though. Don't you think that web 2.0 enables transmedia storytelling for the common end-user? Transmedia focuses on 'trans', i.e. moving across multiple platforms, each contributing in an unique way to the unfolding of the story (as Henry Jenkins explained in Convergence Culture with The Matrix example). Somehow digital storytelling focuses on 'digital' and I think it makes the whole thing more restrictive.

You also comment on the fact that every story has an ending. I agree. But maybe, in terms of collective intelligence and collaboration, the enriching factor of digital storytelling (I prefer transmedia storytelling) may rely on the fact of extending story's closure sine die. Do you agree with this?
And last but not least, I found storytlr via M.Feldstein blog, which might be of your interest.
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