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Where are they? Share some examples!

We've provided quite a few examples in our article, but there are more than any two authors can find. Share examples of what you might consider Web 2.0 Storytelling examples, describe them, add links, embed them right in the wiki.

Are they best organized by type of story? by media form?

So what examples do you know of? Hint, we are talking to you staring at this wiki page- this again is the audience participation part- click the "Edit this page" button and add your links or embed some stories below-- and please explain why you found them to be compelling. If you wish include your name or initials, but we also welcome anonymous responses.

Here are some examples Web 2.0 Storytelling....

Bob and Sue are two adult learners returning to Higher Education where they discuss the experiences and frustrations. The series of 13 videos are situated in UK Open University's networking site Cloudworks website. Bob and Sue are animated characters created in the freely available Web 2.0 technology of Xtranormal.

Rainbow Family TreeThis is a space (and social networking experiment) that I set up for Queer Digital Storytellers and their families/supporters. Most storytellers were activists - interested in making stories that confronted mainstream assumptions around gender and sexuality. Some of their stories have been compiled as an educational DVD with facilitators guide for use in classrooms and training... and I'm undertaking a PHD on 'Digital Storytelling and Social Change'... I look forward to getting more involved in Web 2.0 storytelling with other members of the Rainbow Family Tree community ; ) posted by sonjavi

A Timely Raven: a serial of meditating a murder , written by Amber Simmons, is a sprawling, multimedia, interactive web story that explores different ways to incorporate social media and web apps into traditional storytelling.
I just checked this out, it is amazing! The weaving of media and multiple voices is great, but it has just plain good storytelling in text! - cogdog cogdog Nov 13, 2008

War of the Worlds by Twitter

Dreaming Methods "is a fusion of writing and atmospheric new media that explores digital storytelling, imaginary memories and dream-inspired states ." Example story "The Rut" "asatire on self-publishing with a very basic one-way navigation system that keeps refreshing the front cover and first inside page of an imaginary book."

Vietnam Wall created in Slide by a librarian

Politics as Usual a five card flickr story by Stephen Downes

It looks like EDUCAUSE is running an ARG story for their January 2009 ELI Conference- Save Professor Bluth??
Yeah that looks interesting, but c'mon, an ARG does not post up a big neon sign that says I AM AN ARG! They are more subtly inserted into the media stream, and leaves question to if it is real or not. They did not even bother to disguise the whois registeration record for the domain (me grumbling cause I want to create an ARG - cogdog cogdog Nov 13, 2008)

Tweeting Moby Dick shared via twitter by Janet Hawtin

A day in the Life of an Educator - A collective educators' first time experience in creating digital stories.

Love Stories around the Globe
- It all started here
Then, it got to
The love stories kept spinning around the globe at

which led to this story

Magnum in Motion is a website that contains powerful photoessays from around the world and from the past and present. There is a blog where discussion about the essays takes place. I don't see any option for using or embedding their content, so maybe just Web 1.5.

Writing memoirs

The Loose-Fish Project
Under the banner of The Loose-Fish project, I write adaptations of classic literature in Web 2.0 forms:

Loose-Fish #1: The Good Captain is a sci-fi adaptation of Herman Melville's novella "Benito Cereno," written for and told via Twitter.
Loose-Fish #2: The Spoon River Metblog is a modernized retelling of the narrative poetry serial Spoon River Anthology, by E.L. Masters. The Metroblogging syndicate, a network of over 50 city-specific group blogs, built for me a fictional city site that acts as the platform for the story.

#3 will be a contemporary version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice using Facebook and other social networking sites. Future projects will include adaptations of Dracula and Moby-Dick.

I've also been struggling with terminology, and have gone through Net-Native Narrative, Transmedia Literature and Embedded Storytelling. The current label I'm trying out is Ambient Fiction - I like how it emphasizes that the fictional content exists in an online space side-by-side and intermixed with non-fictional material.
--Jay Bushman

Tony Hirst shared this link to some interesting visualization of media by D-PAN (Deaf Performing Artists Network) who
"...create[s] media designed specifically to serve deaf audiences through the use of American Sign Language (ASL)." - cogdog cogdog Nov 22, 2008 It is not strictly we-based storytelling (or is it) but represents an interesting way to present information

Mankind is No Island- A story told in street signs taken by cellphone in New York City and Sydney- powerful, simple, note how the author appears a s a ghostly reflection.

This all reminds me of Voicethread, which I first found out about on Cogdogblog. It captures, and I think enhances and facilitates writing and creativity. Very clever and nice guy running it, Steve Muth I'm a psychtherapist with a blog collecting childhood memories and am tinkering with how I can incorporate VoiceThread in to the procesess. This mutimedia interactive process makes it something more meaningful than just looking at pictures and reading a memory; although that alone is the wonder of story telling.

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