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How does Web 2.0 storytelling workwithin teaching and learning?What are the implications for pedagogy,curriculum, and campus life?
Okay, so this might be interesting forms of creative expression, what are the effective ways to integrate this into the teaching and learning process? Perhaps it is easy to see a fit for subjects such as media arts, communication, etc, how can this be used in say, chemistry or economics? What do these new forms of literacy mean for educational systems based more on the written form?

This is the hardest, but most important question-- beyond being "cool" what is the value in Web 2.0 Storytelling? Again- this is the audience participation part,this is what makes wikis work- click the "Edit this page" button and add your thoughts, links, stories, ideas below. If you wish include your name or initials, but we also welcome anonymous responses.

This is how Web 2.0 Storytelling can be used in teaching and learning...

-write a story using a blog
-create a character in Twitter
-group story in a wiki (BNA)

Activities in Flickr
Here's an example of a group of educators. Their task was to say where the were.
By choosing a unique tag "placenow", here's what the group created.

Cultural exchanges using web2.0 tools.
Voicethread is very powerful in this respect.
I believe the idea here is incorporation coupled with student engagement.

Simplicio asks: but how is storytelling an effective thing for teaching with technology? Surely we teachers know about telling a story, from a fine lecture to a seminar presentation. But that doesn't mean that our use of technology in the classroom needs to be constructed with an eye towards narrative, does it? We have enough troubles making the stuff work, from glitches to copyright.

We don't need to be teaching media, we need to be opening minds to think. This stuff is just eyecandy and just a different variation of the waste of time people spend in primping worthless PowerPoints. Where is the research than any of this is worth the heavy time investment? The diversion ftom real teaching? Tell me that story, Alexander and Levine! - auntysocial auntysocial Nov 13, 2008

I really enjoyed the VoiceThread presentation. I feel is can be of such great use to educators and students in the virtual world. Working with an online program, I can see great potential of utilizing VoiceThread within the online lessons!

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