Through the Lens (2013 Version) from Alan Levine

The mechanics and art of photography unveil an intriguing metaphor for thinking about learning and our world view. For a photographer, the operation of cameras-- exploiting apertures, shutter speeds, optics, -- coexist with the artistic skills of pre-visualization, framing, composition. It is no longer a field dominated by pros with expensive gear, we can all make photographic art.

Taking the metaphor farther, creating an engaging learning experience is much more than point and shoot or flipping the settings into automatic mode. Photography is a beautiful example of how you can get better at doing something just by regularly doing (and sharing) your craft. Regular acts of photography, such as the Daily Create, are a model of informal learning that works.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Adam Melancon
(See also a 2011 version of this talk)


Thru The Lens (grab bag photo links in pinboard)