Podcasting, Schmodcasting.... What's All the Hype?

Dispense with Definitions

Podcast Concept Map by Barbara Bowen created with IHMC Cmap Tools


"Podcasting is the distribution of audio or video files, such as radio programs or music videos, over the internet using either RSS or Atom syndication for listening on mobile devices and personal computers. A podcast is a web feed of audio or video files placed on the Internet for anyone to download or subscribe to, and also the content of that feed. Podcasters' websites also may offer direct download of their files, but the subscription feed of automatically delivered new content is what distinguishes a podcast from a simple download or real-time streaming (see below)... Podcasting's essence is about creating content (audio or video) for an audience that wants to listen when they want, where they want, and how they want."


"Podcasting is the preparation and distribution of audio (and possibly other media) files for download to digital music or multimedia players, such as the iPod."


"TiVo for Radio"
http://www.google.com/search?q=podcasting "Tivo+for+radio"

Not Exactly Correct

"Podcasting is the downloading of audio broadcasts to the iPod."

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