Podcasting, Schmodcasting.... What's All the Hype?

Using / Finding Podcasts in Your Interest Area

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Using Podcasts: Find, Subscribe, Update Automatically

  1. Web Sites Regularly Publish New Audio (& Video) Content

  2. New Content Summarized via "RSS" Feed

  3. Copy Feed Web Address to "Podcatcher" Software (e.g iTunes, iPodder, others)

When #1 changes, #2 is automatically updated. Podcatcher regularly checks and downloads new content to computer. Optional to have new content synchronized to MP3 player when connected to computer.

Apple iTunes (One But Not the Only Tool)

iTunes Podcast View - any link from a web site "click to susbscribe in iTunes" is added; or you can subscribe to any podcast feed if you have tis web address. Preferences determine how often it is updated and what is transferred to an attached MP3 player. Video can be viewed in small preview window or open in larger window.
iTunes- free for Mac OSX and Windows : http://www.apple.com/itunes/

Finding Podcasts: General Directories

Finding Podcasts: Search Tools

Finding Podcasts: Education Collections

Finding Podcasts: Special Collections