a keynote presentation for the 2013 TCC World Online Conference
http://tcc.badgestack.net/sessions/dim-the-lights-the-ds106-show/ (watch/listen to archive, me yelling loudly "I'M AS MOOCED AS HELL...")


Dim the lights, cue the music, roll the open credits… but the ds106 show is not where the audience just sits quietly in their seats. You will not only learn how this open online course in digital storytelling works, but have a chance to try a few of the creative challenges and assignments we give to our students.

Digital storytelling 106 (ds106) offers a versatile opportunity to create a learning community. This open online course in digital storytelling is part of a networked architecture built of participants’ own blogs to which our web site subscribes and shares back content published by individuals. Special features of ds106 include an open assignment bank that participants populate, a daily creative challenge, and even its own internet-based radio station. You can tune in to the show at any time; we are located at http://ds106.us/ on your Internet dial.

The ds106 Show from Alan Levine

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