The ds106 Files: Outbreaks of Infectious and Open Acts of Creativity

University of Alaska Fairbanks TechFest 2013, October 10, 2013
Shar-E-Fest (Hamilton New Zealand, September 30, 2014)
University of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand, October 2, 2014)

While much of higher education seems hunkered down in crises of a broken system or MOOC takeover, reports are filtering in from the distal portions of the internet where open, spontaneous, volunteered acts of creative expression seem to be spreading at alarming rates. These reports have been traced to a loose federation of registered students, teachers, and openly participating individuals of all ages in something known as ds106, an open course in digital storytelling. Patient Zero has been traced to students at the University of Mary Washington, but activity has spread to multiple institutions, K-12 schools, retirees, artists, and people of various affiliations across North America, Europe, Africa, and Australasia. The report highlights the manifestations of this creativity in individually managed internet domains and self-hosted blogs, demonstrated in visual, audio, video, and remixed media, extensively reflected upon. Intense activity has been spotted in blog comments, twitter, Google Plus, and social media platforms, including the current incarnation as a "headless" course. The most intense focus areas are around atypical course constructs of daily creative challenges, a web-based radio station, and an open assignment bank.

It is likely some of you will be affected by contact with this information and may end up devoting time to creating animated GIFs, remixed movie trailers, and radio shows.

2014 Presentations (New Zealand)

2013 Presentation (Alaska)

The ds106 Files: Outbreaks of Infectious and Open Acts of Creativity from Alan Levine

Audio recording (Alaska, 2013)

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