Telling Stories With Data (and Pictures) from Alan Levine

A lesson for 6th Grade math students at Yokohama International School, March 2013

Movies are for entertainment- the attract our attention, entertain, but really do nto say much that is important - e.g.

Can a science experiment be introduced in a way that attracts attention but also communicates its result? Using cinematic methods?

World Wide Economies and Food Consumption - what is the story?

Can we understand the relationship to average caloric consumption per country versus an economic measure?

Global State of Agriculture - infographic. Do the design elements match the data/math? Can we measure areas of circles (globes) and math to rate of world population? Ask questions!

Interactive Infographics - countries that have the highest and lowers caloric consumption versus the 20 highest and lower GDP per capita - does this show the math? (no)

Gapminder - manipulate up to sic variables and connect directly to the data
Gapminder Story Activity