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September 29 - October 10, 2014Shar-E-Fest Conference and Visits

September 29-30 Shar-E-Fest Conference, Hamilton

October 1 Open Polytechnic of New Zealand Wellington

October 2 University of Victoria, Wellington

October 3 University of Waikato Hamilton

October 6 The Auckland University

October 7 Auckland University of Technology

October 8 Northtec Whangerei

October 9 Auckland University of Technology

All Presentation Links

The Sharefest Buffet includes my list of potential presentation topics.

  1. Affordances of the Open Web
  2. Being on of the web
  3. Beyond The MOOC Hype Connected Courses
  4. Mythical OER Reuse (now including Moas)
  5. Storythinking Storymaking Storytelling
  6. The ds106 Files
  7. True Stories Open Sharing Sharefest

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