Not Dead Yet... Blogging

Northern Voice 2010

mashup of flickr cc licensed photos by digital_trash and h.koppdelaney

Every few months some pundit posts something online stating that blogging is dead (invariably posted in a blog). The only thing truly dead is a statement that "X is dead".

Yes, blogging defined as publishing in blog software may be on a downslope, but blogging as the act of self publishing online has just diffused to more outlets from status messaging to YouTube dialogues. That said, there are deep problems with all the forms that are eclipsing blogs in the social media space. Blogging may yet emerge as the only hope in preserving what is best in human intellectual endeavor.

Come debate us, and bring out your dead (there will be coconuts ringing out).

Bring Out Your Blog!

Seeking Evidence

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Calling on Tweeters

At the session, we'll ask for audience participation- tweet out your hoots and follers, and use the hashtag #BlogsAreDead or #BlogsAreAlive

Final Poll

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