Telling a Story in Four Icons/Sounds from Alan Levine

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audience: 2nd grade
goal: Identify/reduce major elements of a story and represent them creatively in visual and audio forms

inspired by ds106 assignment

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What Are Icons?
Not pictures, but simple visual representation of things, so they can be quickly recognized and knowing a language not necessary. Shoe different between picture of a train and a road sign train warning sign.
Show stop/play buttons like on audio devices.
Icons that local students would readily know?

is it possible to represent a story in such a simple form?

Optional Examples

Story - Tell a short story in familiar form, with photos and narration- Alan tells story of his Dog Dominoe, who got lost and found him

Break it down (discussion)

Show a grid with blanks and a place to write in ideas- guided activity to ask what are 4 major elements, e.g. (1) Dog (2) Empty Forest (3) Night/Moon (4) Dog Again

Then ask, what sounds might represent these same? e.g. (1) bark, pant (2) wind, footsteps (3) Silence? owl? (4) Dog barking

Use a story the class is studying or recently read
On paper, decide on the 4 things to represent the story

Can a story be simplified? How hard would it be for someone to understand the story? Would this make you want to learn more about the story?

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog