an invited presentation for the Media Literacy initiative at Wagner College, presented April 26, 2013

Five Things, and the Fifth is ds106 from Alan Levine

Digital Footprints and Creativity: Dive into ds106

From your own ledge, the waters of online space may be clear and inviting, murky and dangerous, or just not worth the effort. This session offers a known and safe place to take a safe dive into blogging and digital storytelling, and offers a sampling of the experience people have had for 2 years with the open digital storytelling class, ds106 ( The jumps will include

seeking our own digital footprints

Workshop materials

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  1. I live in a place called Strawberry. Seriously.
  2. Photography is my passion not my profession
  3. Storytelling Matters,,
  4. Openness Matters
  5. 106 is a magic number

UMW Students

As with any school assignment, I endeavored to follow the parameters: “Find nearest over-looked everyday object. Fabricate a story about it being a key part of your childhood.” whilst retaining internet anonymity and furthering my own creative development. I feel that TDC is a fantastic motivator to practice drawing from life, my dream of being creative every day.

Jennifer GIFs

Kristen photo safari

Brittany Massive Welcome From London

Nancy Newspaper Blackout poetry

Kaitlyn Design Safari

Casey Six Word Memoir

Tim (valentine)

Tiffany Venn Diagram

Karissa calculus song

Jazmin Music Tag

Lara Audio burden lifted
I’m no longer afraid of audio. I’ve come to terms with doing the assignments and I’m very familiar now with the programs that accompany it (such as Audacity).

Sarah Story within the Web

Chelsea Comment Character

Kelsie Foley Sounds

Kyle reading movies

Brooke Silent Movie Django Unchained

Dylan Movie Scenes That Changed My Life

Cole 5 second story video

Fairuz My Story
Memorial For Fairuz's PC

Micaela enternal and pink

Amber Artificial Intelligence Cory Doctorow Remix
For the Remix