Explorations in Storytellng from Alan Levine

Alan Levine • @cogdogcogdogblog.com
a presentation/workshop for the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society
March 20, 2013

Often recognized as one of the oldest traditions of communications, one that humans are "wired" for, storytelling is usually associated with entertainment. The arc shaped trajectory of films, television, books, and legendary tales has been charted as The Freytag Pyramid, the Hero's Journey, and is the playbook of the Hollywood Three Act screenplay. However, the way academic and scientific ideas are typically communicated follow a much flatter path aimed at the delivery of key information, but often fails to motivate the listener/reader to be invested in the journey. Incorporation of storytelling techniques on our communication can deliver an effective approach, what writer Randy Olson describes as "Arouse" and "Fulfill." Our work as professionals includes not only achievements in our fields, but a responsibility to communicate its importance to the public.

In this session we will explore the dimensions of modern storytelling, what happens with this tradition meets the capabilities of the open internet. You will learn of web-based tools for creation of multimedia stories, experience ones for practicing improvisational skills, creating stories via imagery, and explore the activities used in teaching ds106, an open online course in digital storytelling. Leave with access to free tools and activities suitable for student media projects and ways for infusing more storytelling into your own communications.

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