Collaboration Tools: What's Out There?

Seminars in Academic Computing Conference, August 10, 2005
What are practical considerations in using collaboration tools for teaching from the perspectives of students, faculty, and support staff? This session will explore wikis, blogs, image sharing tools (such as Flickr), and bookmark/URL managers (such as through these different viewpoints.

Note: This session is more of a discussion session so this is not a formal presentation and is really my set of things to pull out of the web to show as demos- Alan

What Does "Collaboration Tools" Mean To You?

Audience participation! To be wiki-edited...
Kinds of tools? Kinds of practices? Where used? For what purposes? Formal or informal? Hosted or remote?

What Does "Collaboration Tools" Mean To Elementary School Kids?

If you are worried about the "Net Geneeration", the one after that will make your head spin.
Internet connectivity allowing, we hope to connect via audio/video chat with Tim Lauer, principal at Lewis Elementary school inn Portland, Oregon. A principal that blogs! Students and teachers in Tim's school are using Blog, wikis, and more:

Alan's Grab Bag


Social Bookmarking Tools

Deliciously Tagged

Wild Wiki World- free external hosted wikis

Large Data Sets Nicely Joined

Rip/Mixing It Up