Note: This site is no longer taking stories; it is archived here for the… well because I can.

Here you can contribute your story to be another among 30 million. When published, it will appear on this site formatted nicely like one of those ones published on a site like

Write as much or as little as you like. The idea is to share what your life is like, and how having access to affordable health care can let you continue that way of living. Write about your home, community, work, hobbies, family. Add any photos that can help readers visualize it, but do not add an information that might reveal your exact location or identity (e.g. use only initials for your last name).

This is not just for people dealing with illness, this is for all people who benefit by having access to affordable healthcare. While there are many more interesting stories around the world, this is limited to people in the U.S. who would be affected by a repeal of the ACA.

Thank you for sharing, and then share your story with others, especially your representatives in Congress– it is they who are deciding if the life you have can continue as it is now.