My husband has been diagnosed with diabetes since the age of 19.  Ron is insulin dependent.  He also has hypertension, transient hypertension, diabetic neuropathy (his feet and legs feel like he’s being stabbed by ice picks), central sleep apnea (his brain doesn’t tell him to breathe in and out all the time, which causes periods of a minute or more without breathing and he is dependent on a Bi-PAP machine).  Ron also has hypercholesterolemia, depressionGERD, gout and is on anticoagulant therapy due to a previous stroke.  As you can see from his diagnoses, he isuninsurable” by traditional insurance companies.  The Affordable Health Care Act is the only way to provide healthcare.

Ron has farmed, worked as a sheriff, and provided security services to a major insurance company.  He was fortunate to previously be insured via his employer.  However, that insurance is no longer available to him.

My health suffers from hypertension, severe back pain with numbness in my feet, degenerative arthritis (bone on bone joints – both hips and knees), major depressive disorder, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep apnea and GERD.

I have worked in both the medical and accounting fields throughout my life.  My insurance was previously provided through my employers but, like millions of others, my insurance ended with my employment.  

Ron and I have discussed our health insurance needs on many occasions and we both would welcome the opportunity to have the same healthcare benefits as our senators.  In fact, we believe the only fair way for our legislators to have health insurance would be for them to be mandated to have the same policies and coverage they put in place for their constituents.  And, they should gave to pay what we have to pay and lose it when they leave office just like what happens in the private sector.   When one of our senators was asked about his top of the line health insurance plan being provided for life at taxpayer expense,  he suggested that if we wanted that we should go be a senator.

We’ve learned that the general populace does not understand the need of others to be insured through the Affordable Health Care Act until they, themselves, experience it first hand.  Let your employment end and there goes your insurance coverage.  Even under COBRA, you’re only entitled to 9-18 months of coverage past the end of employment.  We don’t understand why it takes first hand ecperience for people to understand the NEED of millions of their neighbors, friends and family who will remain uninsured without the Affordable Health Care Act.  Please, people, this CAN happen to you!!