I woke up one morning when my son was 12 to find him blue and cold on the couch. I did not know he had diabetes.  I had only had health insurance for the last two months. While the doctors fought to keep my boy alive, I fought with my insurance company. The  insurance company  hired two investigators whose sole purpose was to find something in my background or my son’s background to disqualify us from insurance retroactively. I fought with the insurance company for a year. While I fought with the insurance company, however, my son’s $300,000 medical bill went unpaid.  My credit was destroyed. Even after the insurance company finally paid their share, my costs were $60,000.

Now, with the Affordable Care  Act, we have an excellent policy with a reasonable copay. We can’t be denied insurance. My son will never have to fight with an insurance company looking desperately to avoid having  to insure him.  Without insurance, my son’s insulin is over $1000 a month. His insulin pump is $15,000. His insulin pump supplies are $500 a month. His  doctors visits and lab work are another $300 a month. Without health insurance, he would not be able to afford the costs of his disease.  When I explained to my son the importance of carrying  health insurance, he said, ” But mom, without insurance I can’t afford insulin. Would I just have to die if I can’t afford insulin? “. What a horrible question for a 12-year-old boy to ask. And what a horrible question for me to have to answer.

With  the Affordable Care Act,  my son, you cannot be denied insurance. You will never have to die because of your diabetes.   Because of a law that was written in your favor, you will always be able to afford your insulin. And now it is your job to fight for the preservation of that law.

My son is now an engineer. Obamacare came into law the year after he was diagnosed. I am eternally grateful to the people who fought for that law, so that my son would have a chance to live.